Silverback Series Carton Clamp Pads

Our latest innovation in soft-touch rubber carton clamp pads…


Innovative Mild Steel Skid Plate/Wear Bar

Extends durability of aluminum on carton clamp pads, commonly dragged in distribution operations.

Hardened Steel Leading Edge Nose Piece

Designed with a rounded bottom, the nose piece reinforces the front of the pads to protect them when tipped forward.

Same Gorilla Grabber® Replacement Grip Strip

Incorporates our patented replacement grip strip, extending the life of soft-touch rubber carton clamp pads.
The Gorilla Grabber® “Silverback Series” specifically addresses the harshest rigors of any distribution center. The patented replacement grip strip enables the user to replace the rubber on the lower portion of the pads. When traditional pads would otherwise need to be flipped or replaced, the Gorilla Grabber® pads enable you to save time from having to ever flip the pads. You will save money never replacing the clamp pads by simply replacing the bottom 8″ of rubber.

After continued research, we discovered that there was another issue as well. In addition to the rubber wearing away, in many operations the pads drag. Not only was the rubber wearing away on the face of the pads, but the aluminum on the clamp pads themselves would also wear away, sometimes as far as the mounting bolt holes. The Silverback Series now addresses both the rubber and aluminum wear issues.

Gorilla Grabber Silverback Series Carton Clamp Pads Diagram

Extending Carton Clamp Pad Life

The Silverback Series incorporates a mild steel skid plate/wear bar as a part of the replacement strip that fits snugly under the pad. Thereby this protects the aluminum from ever touching the concrete. In essence, the steel skid plate/wear bar becomes a part of the pad and is the only part that comes in contact with the ground. Obviously, the steel is much more durable than the aluminum. With proper maintenance, there is no aluminum wear whatsoever. Additionally, the Silverback Series features a hardened steel leading edge nose piece with a rounded bottom that reinforces the front of the clamp pads. This protects the pads when tipping forward to better grab a given load. With the “Silverback Series” of clamp pad, there is now a solution for virtually every situation that would typically shorten carton clamp pad life.