Clamp Pad Solutions

With attention to and fulfillment of our customers’ needs as our utmost priority, from the beginning, the Gorilla Grabber® Clamp Pad was developed in close and careful consultation with facilities managers and maintenance managers about issues that they faced at some of the largest distribution centers in the country. The results are that there is now a way to keep your clamp pads like new without ever having to flip them or replace them. Statements like this may be easy to make but are much harder to live up to. Because we still believe and understand that the customer is always right, please feel free to call us and ask us for the name of one of the previous skeptics that is now proven to be a loyal customer. The chances are fairly good that we’ll be able to give you the name of somebody that is fairly local right in your general “neighborhood”. Whether you call or not, if you give us an opportunity, we’ll prove ourselves to you too.

Gorilla Grabber® Silverback Series Testimonials

“Although the price may be a little “salty”, the value is definitely there. We’ve had such good success with the Silverback Series of Gorilla Grabber pads that we’ve ordered one set a month every month this year. These are very rugged clamp pads and we need all of the help that we can get with the operators that will do their best to tear up our clamp pads. These clamp pads are very well worth the price.”


Maintenance OPS

“Although our operators will do their best to destroy these pads, we are very, very pleased with the durability and performance of the Silverback Series of the Gorilla Grabber clamp pads. They simply last longer and grab better than any other clamp pad that we’ve ever used.”


Reliable Operations Mechanic

Gorilla Grabber® Testimonials

“Although we were a bit skeptical to give these new clamp pads a try, when we eventually got around to giving them a go, we were very glad that we did… Although we were skeptical at first, we are now convinced, believe and know that these clamp pads really do work better than the pads that had been using previously.”


Facility Manager

“Whenever we need to replace the OEM pads, we always send our old pads to Clamp Pad Solutions, and when they come back, they are better than new because they have the replacement strip on the bottom. We love the product and have had very good success using it.”


Maintenance Clerk

“We have gradually exchanged all of the original clamp pads and replaced then with the Gorilla Grabber clamp pads from Clamp Pad Solutions.”


Maintenance Manager

“The replacements parts make these clamp pads very easy and inexpensive to replace and to keep in top working condition. As long as I have anything to say about it, we will always use the Gorilla Grabber clamp pads from Clamp Pad Solutions.”


Maintenance Manager

“The Gorilla Grabber clamp pads really work as advertised and maybe, even a little bit better than that… Our operators love the clamp pads too and it makes my life easier too because it gives the guys one less thing to complain about.”


Maintenance Clerk